Muhamed Eljsani (aka Muha Blackstazy), born and raised in Novi Sad, Serbia in predominantly Roma neighbourhood, earns for living working as a construction worker, without permanent employment. For more than ten years, Muha writes lyrics that are very much connected with everyday life of Roma community, and turns them into hip-hop style songs.

He made his first recordings in 2003 with the song Crni smo mi/We are Black, which attracted lots of attention, due to its messages to fight against racial and ethnic discrimination. He cooperated in documentary film about Roma community in Novi Sad, The Last Hole on Flute, made by video artists team from the Netherlands, and the song Mi smo braca Romi/We are Roma Brothers was recorded in 2004. In 2005, he took part in an international workshop Petrovaradin Tribe supported by the European Cultural Foundation and made a song Pustite unutra ove divne ljude/Let Inside These Beautiful People which soon became an official hymn of famous EXIT festival in Novi sad and enable him to perform on the EXIT as well. In 2006 he took part in 3 months long film workshop, a part of an international art project Kuba: Journey Against the Current and Čokoladni reper/Chocolate Rapper was recorded. In 2007 supported by Open Society Institute he made his first professional studio recordings: the album Crni smo mi/We are Black was released and promoted within EXIT Festival, followed by series of live acts. Recently, he participated in 2 art projects: international video workshop Divided God and international symposium Dictionary of War, both held in Novi Sad, co-produced by Centre for New Media

DJ duo Brat&Sestra
photo by: Nada Žgank (Memento)